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The management of A&E Elkins Ltd recognise the importance of proficient health and safety management and is committed to the prevention of injury and ill health and to ensure the health, safety and welfare of their employees whilst at work and others affected by their activities. In meeting its commitment, the company will, so far as is reasonably practicable:

Comply with the requirements imposed by all relevant laws, regulations, codes of practice and standards applicable to work undertaken by or on behalf of A & E Elkins;

Provide and maintain plant and equipment and ensure working practices that are safe and without risk to health;

Ensure the correct use, handling, storage and movement of substances and articles at work that are safe and without risk to health;

Provide necessary information, instruction, training and supervision;

Provide and maintain a safe place of work and ensure safe access to and egress from that place of work (Including welfare facilities) together with competent supervision;

Provide and communicate this policy at induction and make available at company workplaces;

Risks associated with all the activities of the company will be assessed to enable safe working practices to be devised, which will be regularly reviewed;

Where required, health surveillance will be provided;

Consultation on matters affecting health and safety will be undertaken with employees to ensure effective methods of working are developed compatible with the provisions of this policy and the capabilities of employees;

Employees (and persons working on behalf) of A & E Elkins are required to bring to the attention of management any health and safety matters relating to the undertakings of the company that they consider inadequate or expose themselves or other persons to risk;

All employees have a duty to co-operate with management and to conform to the provisions of this policy so as to assist the company to meet its statutory obligations;

Every employee must take due care to safeguard not only their own health and safety but also that of other persons that may be affected by their acts or omissions;
It is an offence for any person to recklessly or intentionally interfere with or misuse anything provided in the furtherance of health, safety or welfare;

Adequate resources (including financial, personnel, equipment) will be provided to ensure that suitable provision is made to enforce this policy;

Responsibilities are assigned to personnel throughout the company with respect to this policy; Competent persons are employed within the company to enable the company to fulfil its duties; To achieve its aim of continually improving its operations, this policy will be reviewed and amended as required to take account of new legislation and improved working practices;

The Managing Director is the responsible party for the implementation of health, safety and environmental matters with regard to the company's undertakings.



Ray Elkins – Managing Director